Donovan Power

MFT director and one of the original founding members. Only Tater has been with MFT longer than Donovan has. Donovan started skiing for MFT in the late 80s and never looked back. He skied for the U.S. Ski Team (moguls), travelled the world shredding the gnar, and then came back to go to college at UM and continue coaching. He can be found everywhere skiing with everyone, but if you had to guess he probably is near the mogul coarse with a shovel.

Curt Tempel

Curt is a former pro mogul god storming the competition circuit in the mid 1980s. He was one of the founding coaches of MFT, raised a son that skied on the U.S. Ski Team (moguls), and now spends just about every day skiing the Bowl and making you wonder how he is so darn good. He might be our oldest coach, but he will shred you into a stupor. He is our Jr. Comp Mogul coach.

Landon Gardner

Landon really enjoys the freedom of sliding down a mountain on a pair of skis. After skiing for the U.S. Ski Team (Moguls) for many years, he returned back to Missoula, finished school, started a family and launched the Jewel Basin Yurt. He is proficient in the language of competitive freestyle mogul skiing and enjoys seeing the youth of Montana shred down a wild mogul field. Landon works with our high level mogul skiers and can be seen at any given time with a shovel in his hand which, among freestyle coaches, is a symbol of authority.

Tater Moon

The most OG of the OG’s for MFT. Tater is Curt’s cousin and was recruited into the shredding ranks year one in the 80s. Tater has been a coaching fixture for MFT since almost the dawn of time. He will tell you a joke, teach you to do a 360, and keep you entertained as he effortlessly shreds all over the Bowl. He is a living legend. He is our head Devo coach.

Joe Dillon

Joe grew up in our program even though his famous mother Deb has coached for MSEF since time out of mind. As soon as we started a freeride team Joe was hooked and has never looked back. He personally supervised the massive dirt jumps at the bottom of Sunrise and will gleefully hit them as hard as you can. He is our head slopestyle coach.

Korey Wolferman

Korey began competing in mogul skiing in the late 80s when headbands were really cool. Since then she has worked as a PE educator till this year with MCPS. On the weekends she has been taking snow plow novice shredders and ushering them into the mogul course with ease. Danger is her actual middle name and her son Quinn is a legitimate pro slopestyle skier in all of the ski mags in your bathroom. She is our head Devo coach.

Roanie “Boomer” Elliot

Boomer began skiing with us some time in the 90s. “Boomer and Franz” were known across the land as a hard hitting ski duo that were always ready to take it to the max. Since then Boomer has created an amazing family and aged like a fine wine into a kick butt Big Mountain coach. Boomer still tries to ski a little too hard so let’s not encourage too many more backflips… ok one more.

Travis Benton

Travis is a shredding snowboarder from the land of gnarville. Travis is an excellent coach that can lead you from your favorite tree run right over to the enormous jumps at the bottom of Sunrise. Travis not only coaches for us but both of his kids are in the program shredding with him. Travis is one of two Snowboard coaches that we have.

Tony Smith

Tony has not only coaches snowboarding in town he used to supply the town with shred sticks. A purveyor of style and smooth riding, Tony will teach you to shred and be humble about it. Tony has been coaching the Snowboard team for the last three years and is excited to ride some pow with you… but probably not hit the big jumps on Sunrise.

Nani Murray

Nani is the captain of the Little Riders. After skiing with MFT since she was too young to remember, and dominating Montana as a female mogul skier, she has turned her attention to you and yours. Nani can ski far better than you and chuck big backflips, but what we ask her to do is teach your littles to shred. She can take a little shredder than can barely make it down Paradise and have them shredding the Bowls by the end of the year. Nani coaches the Little Riders.

...and many other excellent coaches that will be joining us this winter TBD

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