MFT Covid Policies:

The Covid landscape is changing on a monthly basis and sometimes much faster. As the pandemic begins to trend toward an endemic status, MFT will simply follow the County, CDC, and US Skiing (our governing body) guidelines. Here are the links to those policies:

Missoula County:


US Skiing (USSA):

A basic guide for MFT parents and athletes, with respect to Covid, is as follows:

If you are sick, or experiencing symptoms that could be related to Covid, then please stay home for the weekend and get tested. If you are not experiencing any symptoms but think that you may have been exposed to Covid, then please take precautions to make sure that you do not unintentionally spread Covid further. This would include wearing a mask, staying outside, not sharing food or water, and carefully monitoring your symptoms. If you have had Covid, then please do not come back to MFT until you are symptom free and are testing negative. Tests are now freely available through the Federal government (see CDC link above). As we return to life in our “new normal” we are all at risk of contracting Covid, so we all need to work to minimize it. MFT will continue to have shorter lunches where athletes can stay outside with their buddies and other coaches alike. We encourage you to pack your own lunch, bring your own water, don’t share your food, and bring an extra layer so that you can comfortably eat outside. We will continue to stagger our starts with the Competition teams meeting at 9:15am, all teams except Little Riders meeting at 9:45am, and Little Riders meeting at 10:15am. We will ski until 2:30pm and will allow, as previously stated, all athletes and coaches to stay outside to eat lunch if they would like. We are trying to apply a commonsense approach to this. If you are in a sensitive group, or would like to adhere to stricter protocols, contact Donovan Power and we will work with you to see how we can accommodate your needs in an unobtrusive and effective manner.